Empire Blue Cross Producer Toolbox video is all about renewals

September 9, 2016

Our Producer Toolbox is a powerful tool, packed with what you need to sell, service and renew your clients. And by now, you should know that we developed a series of short Producer Toolbox video tutorials to help you prepare for the upcoming Open Enrollment season and the year ahead. Each video covers a user example that’s based on a real-life scenario. We  include with it a companion How To Guide in a format you can download and print. Our latest video is all about renewals for Individual and Small Group business.

As a reminder, we’ll post a new video tutorial each week, along with its How To Guide, in your Producer Toolbox. You’ll find these under Sales & Training > Producer Toolbox Tips and Training. Check out what we have for you this week

  1. Individual and Small Group renewal video
  2. Individual renewal How To Guide
  3. Small Group renewal How To Guide

Missed a week?  Don’t worry. After videos have been posted, you can watch them at any time in your Producer Toolbox under Sales & Training > Producer Toolbox Tips and Training.